What is Laser and IPL treatment for vascular lesions and thread veins?

There are many different types of vascular lesions which can appear on the skin. They may be present for both or develop with age. Vascular lesions can include telangiectasias, thread veins, spider naevi, port wine stains and rosacea.

Laser and IPL technologies can be used to effectively treat a variety of vascular lesions on the face and body by using light energy to target hemoglobin found in blood vessels and capillaries.

What does laser and IPL treatment for thread veins involve?

Thread veins can appear on the legs, body and face. They are caused by dilated and enlarged blood vessels which then become visible on the surface of the skin.

Sometimes described as “spider veins” when they appear as a cluster with different branches coming out of a central point, like the legs of a spider, they are usually red, purple or blue in colour.

Thread veins shouldn’t be confused with larger varicose veins which are lumpy and bulge out of the skin.

Many people are bothered by unsightly thread veins. Lasers and IPL can be used to quickly and effectively remove them non-invasively.

Veins can appear slightly more prominent after treatment but there are no other associated side effects and you can return to normal activities immediately.

It can take up to five sessions to fully treat unwanted veins.

What does laser and IPL treatment for rosacea and acne rosacea involve?

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition characterised by skin redness and broken capillaries. It is most common on the cheeks, nose and chin. Acne rosacea is rosacea accompanied by small red spots or bumps. Some people suffer from “persistent” rosacea which means it is continually present, while others suffer from a form known as “transient” which means it comes and goes.

There are many factors that can trigger or contribute to rosacea. These include, but are not limited to, sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, stress, sun exposure and certain foods such as dairy and spicy food.

IPL and laser light can be used to destroy the visible blood vessels, which are making the skin appear red. These vessels are then reabsorbed into the body.

Laser and IPL also stimulates new collagen production which is thought to have a benefit for those suffering from rosacea.

Noticeable improvements can be made with this treatment however it is important to remember that as rosacea is a recurring condition, irregular treatments may be required in order to keep it under control it, but it is not a cure.

Are laser and IPL treatment for vascular lesions safe and is there any recovery time?

Laser and IPL treatments are generally very safe in the right hands.

Side effects can including burning or blistering of skin as well as pigmentation irregularities. This is why it is very important to have a consultation to assess your suitability for treatment.

You may experience some redness, heat or mild swelling in the area that has been treated immediately after laser or IPL treatment, however, this usually only lasts for a couple of hours.

Your skin can become photosensitive after laser and IPL treatment so it is important to avoid the sun and wear and SPF of at least 30 during your course of treatment and for at least four weeks after.

Other contraindications for treatment may include:

  • Pregnancy and breast feeding
  • History of diabetes or immune suppression
  • History of skin cancer or keloid scarring
  • Recent or planned sun exposure/tanning within four weeks
  • Concurrent use of photosensitising drugs

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