What is laser tattoo removal?

More and more people are having tattoos these days and, as such, more and more people are wanting to have them removed. There are all sorts of reasons people want to have tattoos removed from getting tattoos when drunk to misspelling and ex-partners’ names.  

Until the evolution of laser tattoo removal, getting rid of tattoos was incredibly painful and largely ineffective. People used to get them cut out by plastic surgeons or use chemical dermabrasion to effectively burn them off. Thankfully laser now offers us a far more effective and less brutal solution to unwanted tattoos.

Lasers tattoo removal works by using powerful light energy to target the pigment in tattoos.

The reasons tattoos are permanent is that they consist of lots of tiny particles suspended in the skin which are too big for the skin to remove in the way it would with normal foreign bodies. In simple terms, lasers break down the size of these particles so the phagocytes, or the “dustbin cells” as they are known, can remove the smaller particles. 

What does laser tattoo removal treatment involve?

Laser tattoo removal involves firing a powerful laser to break up and destroy the pigment particles of the tattoo in the skin.

Depending on how large your tattoo is and what colours it is comprised of will depend on how long it takes to clear the tattoo and how many treatments you will need. As a guideline, black tattoos are easier and quicker to remove than colour ones. This is because the laser light can more easily distinguish the darker black pigment from the skin.

We use a tattoo removal machine created by Lynton Lasers, a Manchester-based laser company, who are experts in this field. Their technology allows us to effectively target the different types and colours of tattoos.

During treatment the skin will “frost” as the tattoo is treated. The treatment can be uncomfortable but treatment times are relatively fast, depending on the size of the tattoo.

Is it safe and is there any recovery time?

Laser tattoo removal is safe and effective and is suitable for most skin types. There are very few complications associated with the treatment.

The laser only targets the pigment in the tattoo, leaving your surrounding skin unharmed however, as with all laser treatments, it is important for you to have a through consultation with us before we undertake treatment.

The treatment can be uncomfortable however there should not be any significant side-effects or downtime.

Potential side-effects can include scabbing, itching, scarring, blistering and pigmentation irregularities however these are rare.

What kind of results can I expect?

Laser tattoo removal has been shown to be very effective in fading and completely removing tattoos. Some tattoos can be more difficult to treat than others, particularly those containing yellow, purple or pastel couloured pigments.

You will need multiple treatments to clear the tattoo. On average this can be between 10 and 14 treatments.

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