What is radiofrequency and ultrasound skin tightening and body contouring treatment with Exilis?

Exilis is a multi-award winning device which has a number of body rejuvenating benefits. The treatment is non-invasive and uses a combination of monopolar radiofrequency energy and ultrasound to stimulate fat lipolysis (the breakdown of fat cells) as well as collagen remodeling (for skin tightening).

What does the Exilis skin tightening and body contouring treatment involve?

The Exilis treatment is completely painless. You may feel a warm sensation during treatment, but that’s all.

The computer-controlled device delivers energy precisely into the deep layers of the skin where it is required to break down fat cells, a process known as “lipolysis”. The fat is then eliminated naturally from the body without the need for incisions or liposuction.

During this part of the treatment, a cooling system and monitor is used to make sure the temperature of the skin remains at a comfortable level throughout the treatment

For skin tightening in the upper skin layers, controlled heating is engaged to redefine loose skin and remodel collagen.

The treatment takes around 20-30 minutes.

Is the Exilis skin tightening and body contouring treatment safe and is there any recovery time?

Exilis has an exceptional patient safety record with no pain or discomfort and no reported serious or long-lasting negative side effects.

What kind of results can I expect with Exilis skin tightening and body contouring?

You can see inch loss and circumference reduction as well as tightening of loose skin. The best results are typically achieved after a course of treatment. Four to six sessions are usually recommended. These can be carried out everyone to two weeks over a period of one to two months. Results have been shown to last for at least six months and additional treatments can be carried out if and when required for maintenance.

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