A good daily skincare regime is essential if you want to really invest in your skin and maintain and enhance the results of treatments. At Yuva we use medically-evidenced and clinically researched skincare which is both preventative and corrective. These results-driven cosmeceuticals can make a real difference to the quality of your skin and the overall radiance of your complexion.

We have selected some of the leading ranges on the market to offer our patients the best that science has to offer. These products go beyond cosmetics to give visible results.

ZO Skin Health

Developed by Dr Zein Obagi, a pioneer in the field of advanced skincare, ZO Skin Health’s philosophy is to create and maintain healthy skin as opposed to just treating disease and damaged skin.

Its wide range of products, regimens, and programs help maintain and enhance the results of therapeutic treatments, providing effective daily skincare for all concerns.

ZO Skin Health is ideal for:

  • Reducing brown spots, age spots and uneven skin pigmentation
  • Improving the texture of leathery, sun damaged skin
  • Reducing the appearance of melasma
  • Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

We provide three treatment packages using ZO Skin Health.

Level I – Daily Skincare Program for Youthful Skin

This level is designed for those with little or no apparent signs of chronological or photo-ageing. The Daily Skincare Program provides the essential tools to help achieve healthier skin using retinol, specialised enzymes and antioxidants to promote cellular function and restore and maintain youthful, healthy-looking skin.

Level II – Anti-Ageing Program for Mature Skin

Designed for those with the early signs of ageing such as fine lines, uneven skin tone and loss of firmness, the Anti-Aging Skincare Program uses higher concentrations of active ingredients including growth factors, retinol, and specialised enzymes, to prevent and help repair moderate skin damage at the cellular level.

Level III – Aggressive Anti-Ageing Program for Ageing Skin

This program is designed for those with definite signs of ageing including wrinkles, brown patches, skin laxity, large pores and significant sun damage. The Aggressive Anti-Aging Skincare Program delivers the highest concentrations of retinol, helping patients with ageing and photo-damaged skin to radically reduce wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, rough texture and sagginess.

Obagi Nu-Derm

Obagi Nu-Derm is a prescription only skincare system, which penetrates deep into the layers of the skin to improve damage and accelerate skin cell turnover. The system optimises the functions of the skin at a cellular level to encourage it to act as younger and healthier skin would.

Because it is prescription only the Obagi Nu-Derm system is powerful and as your skin transforms you may experience some side-effects in the first six weeks, such as redness and irritation and dryness and flaking. This is all part of the “out with the old” process as the products accelerate dead cell exfoliation to reveal fresher, smoother skin.
In the second phase “in with the new” (weeks six to 12), your skin will begin to build tolerance to peeling and flaking. During this period, the system is working at the cellular level to continually transform skin cells. Wrinkles will begin to reduce and freckles, age spots and pigmentation will lighten.

In the third phase (weeks 12-18), you will begin to see a “healthy glow” as collagen and elastin production increases.

Your skin will feel smoother, more supple and resilient and uneven color and pigmentation will begin to even out. Other people may begin to notice and comment on the changes.

In the fourth and final phase (18 weeks onwards), “the new you”, your skin will be transformed, looking and acting younger and healthier. With continued use you will also be preventing further damage.

Obagi Nu-Derm is a powerful regime specially formulated for normal to oily skin. It is clinically proven to transform ageing skin and is ideal for those concerned with:

  • Age spots
  • Rough skin
  • Skin laxity (loss of elasticity)
  • Erythema (redness)
  • Sallowness (yellowish complexion)
  • Hyperpigmentation (discoloration)


SWISSCODE is a premium skincare line created and manufactured in Switzerland by Skin Concept, a Swiss “think tank” for skincare innovation.

SWISSCODE applies the latest scientific research and findings to quickly and directly implement them in the form of premium cosmeceuticals. Our Swiss products, developed according to the strictest quality criteria, address the skin’s individual needs and achieve visible and clinically proven results.

SWISSCODE is a skincare line of high-potency concentrates and serums to be used in conjunction with customary daily skincare regimens, to enhance but not to replace them, as well as enhance and strengthen the results of all clinical treatments and procedures. Specifically conceived to solve the most prevalent problems and brilliantly formulated to achieve optimum results, these premium concentrates and serums represent a significant change in proactive skincare.

SWISSCODE brings you the future in skincare innovation.


SWISSCODE Pure is a collection of seven concentrates that “decode” and effectively correct the skin’s ageing process. This select range of highly effective actives in their purest form is precisely designed to support and enhance all clinical and daily skincare regimens.

There’s nothing superfluous about the SWISSCODE Pure collection of concentrates that go straight to the heart of the most common skincare challenges to deliver the purest, most powerful infusions of essential active ingredients. They target conditions such as dryness, lack of firmness and elasticity, age spots, redness and irritation with unparalleled speed and efficacy. In other words, they get down to the individual aspects of anti-ageing, “decoding” its contributing factors and taking corrective action. In masterminding these cutting-edge formations, our biochemists stripped away all the extraneous, potentially irritating ingredients that are a standard part of many products – parabens and alcohol, to name a few – and focused solely on the active elements in their purest form.

The exceptionally high standards of SWISSCODE Pure go beyond the purity of active ingredients; they also apply to the formulation of these hyper-performing concentrates. In addition to conforming to the highest ISO quality and safety norms and regulations, they are free from preservatives, colorants, emulsifiers, petroleum derivatives and other possible irritants and are produced under sustainable, environmentally sound conditions. In other words, pure, in the purest sense of the word.

Seven concentrates, in the highest, clinically proven most effective concentration to deliver seven skin rejuvenating tasks. The end result is radiantly youthful skin.

  • Pure Hyaluron
  • Pure Vitamin F Forte
  • Pure Repair Complex™
  • Pure Genistein
  • Pure MPC™
  • Pure Kiribirth
  • Pure Dynalift™ HYA

SWISSCODE BIONIC – The Power of Plant Stem Cells

You will have witnessed the sheer magnificence of a plant or bud; with its ability to not only withstand harsh environmental conditions, but to positively grow and bloom. This is because nature in her wisdom created stem cells that can repair and rejuvenate. The process to benefit what nature has developed over millions of years to be best for our daily life is called Bionic.

SWISSCODE Bionic applies this cutting-edge technology to the real-life challenge of ageing skin. Meristematic cells contain the highest concentration of the most effective cocktail of phenylpropanoids, amino acids, mineral salts and antioxidants. A real laboratory of defensive substances with the best combination of concerted active ingredients, naturally balanced for highest performance and offering unparalleled protection against damaging environmental, physical and biological stress. This protective function translates to skincare applications, whose prime purpose is to guard the skin against harmful elements that rob it of its youthful vitality and to maximise its potential for age control.

The “cultivated” plant stem cells that go into SWISSCODE Bionic provide outstanding anti-oxidant activity, as well as protecting against UV rays, loss of moisture, collagen and inflammation.

SWISSCODE Bionic trio of powerful serums can be used in combination with SWISSCODE Pure concentrates for optimising and prolonging their transformational results or with your customary skincare regimen.

  • Stem Cell Age Control
  • Stem Cell Radiant Elixir
  • Stem Cell Recovering Complex

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